Delivery Country

Delivery Country

Destiny Country

At this time, although our focus is on serving Portugal, we also accept orders from other countries. On the international front, however, we are still developing our delivery system. If you do not have an account with us, fill in the field for the country where you would like to receive the order as shown below: 

Our Shipping prices are divided in four major areas: Portugal, Spain, Europe and Rest of the World.

Ports table

The following table shows the shipping charges charged for each zone by weight. Situations up to 30 kg are foreseen. Overcoming this mark creates another order, starting from scratch (weight). Note that the vast majority of our products do not exceed 500 Grams. However, the bulking of several products in the same order may increase the total weight of the same. Our site has an algorithm that calculates the total weight of the order and the destination zone, so the calculation is automatic and will appear in the Outbox.

Shipping Princes Table
Shipping Prices Table

Taxes and Customs Charges

This topic refers to shipping products to a country other than Portugal.

Taxes may apply to imported goods / services, which is governed by the law of the country concerned. Casa de Praia is not responsible for any tax invoices charged to its products. Shipping rates are estimates and may depend on different policies and tax rates applied by each country. Please contact your local customs for laws and information.

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