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We provide everything there is for your vacation in general, and Beach in particular

Casa de Praia was founded in 2007 to specialize in retailing summer and beach related articles.

The original location is located at Praia da Rocha, on the beach’s main descent, in front of Hotel da Rocha, although the company is in a phase of expansion for online retail, in addition to physical expansion to other territories, among other projects. are under development.


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Casa de Praia

January 2007
Casa de Praia founded by Miguel Menezes in Praia da Rocha
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March 2010
Casa de Praia changes to facilities with more conditions for its activity.
Parceiros de Negócios
June 2018
Casa de Praia establishes business contacts with strategic partners that will allow it to expand its activity.
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January de 2019
Casa de Praia launches online retail with this site

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